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Humanitarian Relief

HAYDER undertakes the basic needs of 474 orphans in Turkey, 50 in Syria and 400 in Palestine, especially their education expenses. 
Let's reach out to dozens of orphans in Turkey, Syria and Palestine. Orphans should not be left homeless.

Palestine monthly orphan sponsorship fee is 100 TL
Turkey monthly orphan sponsorship fee  200 TL
Syria monthly orphan sponsorship fee is 300 TL

According to UNICEF figures, nearly 400 million children around the world are orphaned or abandoned due to reasons such as war, natural disasters, hunger and disease. Nearly 10,000 children are orphaned every day, over 3 million children a year. Millions of children around the world are vulnerable to abuse and unprotected by networks of trafficking, child labour, substance abuse, organ mafia, prostitution and beggars.

HAYDER aims to heal the wounds with the "Orphan Fund" in order to rehabilitate the psychological and physical wounds of children and bring them back to life, as well as protect them from substance abuse, missionary organizations and beggar networks, receive education and continue their lives safely. it's working.

You can contribute to our joint pool account created for the financing of humanitarian and social aid projects such as cash aid projects, clothing projects, orphanage construction for orphans determined as a result of the investigations carried out in Turkey and Syria, by making a donation in any amount you wish.

With your help, HAYDER meets the needs of orphans such as education, health, food, clothing and shelter.