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Humanitarian Relief

According to statistic data published by UNICEF, referred by various causes such as war, disaster, hunger, and disease 400 milion of children are forced to become orphan or motherless. Their number reachs 10.000 per day, 3 milion per year.

Currently children around the world have fallen into lacknes of secure and care, they suffered from bad activites such kidnaping, labor force, drug addiction, organ trade, adultery and mendicant. 

With ''Orphans Fund'' HAYDER is aiming to recover children in term of psychologic and physical values so they can obtain their life back, beside we aim to protect them from drug addiction, missionary activities and mendincant, and to lead them toward education.

You can participate in funding the general donation which will be utilized to support those who are in need, to empower the orphans by funding them cash, clothes and constructing orphanage.

The fund for one orphan monthly is 200 TL.